Today Josh and I arrived in the Sunny Gold Coast at Glow Church. We aren’t here for work, or for church, we are here seeking out personal healing through SOZO Ministry. We have no idea what we will experience, but we are going in open minded and believing for breakthrough in each of our lives.

You see from the outside people look like they have it all together, we often work very hard at portraying an image on social media or to those around us that we are all good, then working and striving always to keep up your reputation yet on the inside silently struggling, wrestling with anxiety, dwelling on toxic thoughts, loosing your joy and ability to have fun. We in turn have become guarded people, who are good at being busy and not so good at building close connections. Because of that we are not able to pursue and experience the close and intimate relationships with each other and especially our loved ones. Most of the time we aren’t even aware that this is all going on because its become who we ‘think’ we are. The bible says “as a man thinks, so is he.”

All of us are carrying things around that God doesn’t want us to. This can come in from our parents, our up-brining, social influence, past experiences etc etc.

Today as we prepare for SOZO we are asking God for answers, to bring any walls down that are preventing us from experiencing the connections and relationships that He desired and created us too. If we have any doors left open, let them be shut! If we need to forgive, then Lord help us to forgive. Whatever God needs to do in our hearts to make us free, let it be done in Jesus name!

I believe its so important to continue to seek and develop ourselves individually with God. Don’t get comfortable where you are at because God truly wants us to live our best life! Yes it costs financially, yes it will take your time and yes it will take you allowing yourself to be vulnerable, but I don’t want to settle and live an average life friends. Do you?

I want to be fully engaged with my husband, with my children and in the relationships around me, I don’t want to live my life through the lens of fear and insecurity but from a deep knowing of the love of God, real and present in my life.

So stay tuned…..I will pop on in a few days to let you know how it went! If you would like more info on SOZO let me know and I’m happy to give you more info.

Love Sam xo