As I toss and turn in my bed, I glance at the clock and its 11:15pm. I lay awake, thinking about my daughter Charlotte’s birthday tomorrow, she is turning 6 years old!

So instead of laying in bed awake from another hour, Iam up and writing this post as a reflection from me which I hope will encourage other mothers who are with me in this season of what I call ‘being in the trenches’ of motherhood right now!

This very busy season of raising little ones is so tiring and some days (well to be honest most days) can feel like your just getting through. Your tired, exhausted, cranky, over the every day mundane, over the cleaning and over the kids! hahaCelebrating my daughters 6 years of life so far and remembering the time spent and the memories we have made together, humbled my heart with so much love and joy to be her mum. What an honour it is to be a mum even amongst the trials and puffy eyes!

You see we can loose sight of the blessings in our lives everyday when we are focused more on the negative circumstances around us.  As much as being a mum is the hardest and most challenging job I have ever had to do, I would never change it. It is teaching me so much, stretching me so much and rewarding me with so much that can never be replaced.

Personally this season has been tough. One of my most challenging, with 4 little ones… well need I say more 🙂  I am learning where I fix my eyes and my thoughts – my actions will follow. I have had to be more intentional in turning to God, reading my bible and finding the time to pray. I have had to get up earlier even though Iam tired to prepare myself for the day. I have had to stop my negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  Sisters, we must not let the storm your going through consume and contaminate the whole season your in! We need to fight to find and stay in the joy that each season brings. We all know that season’s come and season’s go right? Charlotte who was born 6 years ago today, who kept me up at all ours of the day and night, my chubby chunk of a baby, is now a big smart grade 1ner who doesn’t keep me up at night any more! That season is gone and a new one has begun.  🙂

You may be struggling today thinking its only 9am and Iam already yelling at the kids asking God to please help! You may have struggled all week or heck even all year! But we must not loose sight that this season your in right now….will change!

No longer will they ask you to read another book, walk them to school, to cuddle them a bit longer in bed.  It wont be forever that you will be changing nappies, buckling them into the car seat, cleaning bottles and wearing maternity bras!  No the season your in will change before you know it. So lets enjoy it mum’s! Slow down today and smell the flowers, stop and listen to their story even though your right in the middle of dinner.

Many mum’s who are now out of the ‘trenches’ often tell me, that even though this is a busy season, it was the best days of their lives! We are in our prime ladies so lets enjoy this season with our families – storms and all!

Celebrate your children, they are a gift from God, not a burden. Let them see mum laugh and play, have fun together.

And remember if you feel overwhelmed, God chose you to be your children’s mother. You are the perfect mum for your kids to give them what they need!

Love your sister,

Sam xo