Fear of Change.

So many people today are resistant to change. Including me. The fear can be so strong that it’s causing you to limit God’s power in your life.

God has been showing me of late, that one of the reasons we resist change is because of laziness.  It takes effort and time – so we resist it. We may not be fully aware that we are doing this, but if you examine your own life you will see.  We want things to be easy, wave a wand and it be done. Unfortunately that way of thinking is not going to get you off the couch and doing something that is deeply fulfilling.

The way you think in your heart is what is making your life go in the direction it’s going. (Prov 23:7)

When  life is comfortable and relatively easy, we can be resistant to change. We want to just take it easy and enjoy life. Well friends what if you are limiting God here?  He has a purpose for your life until the very day you die and you need to seek Him to find it. Again you see that takes effort. You need to put God and reading His word first in your life. A lot of people wont do this, then they wonder why things aren’t changing in their life.

Don’t retire and give up on life. God didn’t create you to just coast through life we can do that forever in eternity! But right now, for me personally, I want to walk in the fullness of God’s will for my life. I want to face my fears and step out, do it afraid if I have too. But I DO NOT want to limit God any longer in my life.

Are you in this place today? Maybe coasting and comfortable with that? Are you fearful of change? Well I want to challenge you today friends to imagine yourself doing some of those very things you fear. Imagine yourself fulfilling your purpose, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the limits of God. I want to speak to fear and laziness right now in our lives and tell it to go and in the name of Jesus Christ it must leave.

Now start seeing yourself free. Watch the way you see yourself and challenge that. Our imagination, the image you have of yourself on the inside (how to see your abilities and weaknesses) limits God.  As I said earlier – the way you see yourself in your heart is the way your life will go. Imagine BIG friends. Imagine yourself whole and healed. Imagine yourself walking in all that Christ died to give you.

You do not have to live in fear any longer, face it and release it. Lets take the limits off of God and step into the purpose and plan He has for your life.

Until next time,

Sam x